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The target audience is in order are Patrons, Donors and then Volunteers.


Coming Events

Thanksgiving Distribution - November 19th - 10 AM till Noon

Christmas Distribution - December 17th - 10 AM till Noon

Thanksgiving & Christmas distributions available to patrons who received food from the Pantry at least one time in August & September 2022 (When we had to place order).


There are still a few other items I want to include such as


A description of what volunteers will be doing.

A summary of the type of food patrons will receive when they visit our pantry, based upon availability.

A waiver form for minors.



Domain on go daddy


Village pantry coalition was on word press (corrupted and probably not renewed)


501c3 registered as Village pantry coalition 

Dba EP Helping Hands

Many checks written to "Evergreen Park food pantry"


Healthier Evergreen  dissolved

Food Insecurity Facts
  • According to Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap Study, one in seven people in Cook County will experience food insecurity this year.

  • Food insecurity varies greatly across the county. In some communities, more than half of all residents are food insecure.

  • Food insecurity is usually episodic and often cyclical. People may require assistance a single time, for a few months, or on a more regular basis.

  • There is no one face of food insecurity. The need varies among children, older adults, people with disabilities, veterans, the working poor, and others, as does the best way of reaching them.

  • Making tradeoff decisions between paying for food and other basic needs such as medical bills and housing is common among individuals and families who turn to us for food.

  • Many food insecure households do not qualify for federal nutrition assistance programs. Learn more about our work to advocate for federal nutrition assistance programs.

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